Clever coffee dripper 300 ml

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Clever coffee dripper 300 ml


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The new Clever Dripper is made from Eastman Tritan BPA Plastic. This plastic is the best food grade heat resistant plastic available. Some design upgrades have also been added:

  • Handle: More ergonmic handle for balanced lifting and holding. 
  • Lid Design: Fits better and has an improved handle. 
  • Base Design: Sllows the valve and base to be removed and cleaned.


Extra informatie

The new Clever Coffee Dripper has arrived. The clever dripper is similar in design to a standard filter cone except for one important addition, a special valve. This valve stays shut until the Coffee Dripper is placed on top of a cup or jug, at which time, the valve opens and coffee slowly filters through. This means you can fully immerse the coffee grounds during brewing, like a cafetiere, but then filter the brew through a paper filter, like a pour over.

This is a brilliant addition to any Cafe for featuring guest coffees or to simply impress your friends at home.

Don’t forget  your ‘Filtropa’ filter papers.
We recommend a coarse grind for the Clever Dripper – CAFETIERE GRIND